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Join us in the celebration of CASSA’s Silver Jubilee with a concert to mark the World Day of Social Justice. The event will take place on February 20th, 2013 at Daniels Spectrum (Regent Park Arts and Cultural Centre) from 5pm to 8pm and will  showcase eminent artists who perform on social  justice and human rights themes.

We invite you to take the chance to reflect with us on issues of social justice and be engaged by a diverse group of music and dance performances, as well as an exhibition of photographs and paintings by local artists. The evening will present an opportunity to meet and interact with over 300 attendees from non-profit, business, media and diverse communities.  All proceeds will fund CASSA’s 100-day anti-racism campaign: a series of seminars, workshops and community activities to educate the public about racism and give voice to those in communities who face barriers to social and economic equity.

Your participation and support as a Media Sponsor are crucial to making this event a success and ensuring that our annual Racism-Free Ontario campaign will be able to continue.

Please click on this link to view CASSA’s Concert for Social Justice Info & Sponsorship Pack

All proceeds from the event will be used towards the Racism Free Ontario campaign:

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